Honors Modern World Studies 10 Course Description

Prerequisite:  Teacher recommendation and a grade of 90%  or better in SS.01 U.S. History 9 or a grade of 80% or better in SS.01A Honors U.S. History 9.

This course examines how new ideas have led to the development of political and revolutionary change and what effects the Industrial Revolution and World Wars had on societies of the world.  The course will focus on modern conflicts and explore how recent events affect the lives of people around the world. The Honors Modern World Studies course will be require students to complete rigorous, cross curricular assignments. Students will complete a variety of reading and writing assessments. Writing assignments will include document based questions, expository essays, research writing, and comparative essays. Historical writing requires students to: develop a thesis that answers all parts of the question, support the thesis with historical facts, data, and evidence, and meet standards of good writing practices and the use of appropriate style. Students will also be required to read frequently in class. We will utilize a variety of text to help make connections and understand the human experience. These readings will include primary and secondary sources, historical documents, charts, graphs, maps, and a variety of literature. Students will also be required to learn to communicate effectively by using listening and speaking skills along with twenty-first century skills.