Honors US History 9 Course Description

Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation and a grade of 80% or better in Social Studies 8.

Honors U. S. History 9 intensively examines the development and changes of American history from the Reconstruction Era in 1865 through the events of World War II in 1945.  The course covers the social, political, cultural, military, economic, and diplomatic aspects of the time periods. Pennsylvania and Penns Valley history will also be explored.   In addition to developing a deeper understanding of the relationship between our nation's past, present, and future, one of the primary goals of Honors U.S. History 9 is to create a learning environment where students take ownership of their own learning process.  Students can expect this course to be fast-paced and require them to use higher-level thinking skills.  Students will be expected to compare, contrast, construct, argue, evaluate, infer, deduce, analyze, interpret, criticize, apply, synthesize, explain, justify, summarize, revise, write and test.  It will be imperative that students are prepared to be challenged and to work diligently.  Because the content for the course is extensive, students will be expected to complete some coursework using Blackboard and/or other materials and resources.  This independent study will require students to conduct their own research to advance their own learning.  Coursework for Honors U.S. History 9 will include primary source critiques, current event article analyses, and a research paper.