Booster Club





ARTICLE I  -  Name and Purpose

a.         This Organization shall be known as the Penns Valley Cheerleading Booster Club.

b.         The purpose of this Organization shall be to assist the Penns Valley Cheerleading squads to raise, deposit, manage and disburse funds for projects, activities, equipment and also assist with the planning of events and activities as needed (homecoming float, banquet, camp, etc.) in conjunction with the Head Coach and PVASD Policy No. 915 Community Booster Organizations.

c.                  To comply with PVASD and PIAA Policies and Guidelines.


ARTICLE II  -  Membership

a.         Every parent or guardian of a Cheerleader is encouraged to attend all meetings of the Penns Valley Cheerleading Booster Club and participate in all efforts of the Booster Club in conjunction with the Head Coach.


ARTICLE III  -  Officers and Duties

a.         The President(s) shall be responsible for the operation of the meetings pursuant to these By-Laws.  This shall include conducting meetings through an agenda.  A copy of the agenda will be provided to all attendees of the meeting.

b.         The Vice-President(s) shall assist the President(s) and represent when President(s) are unavailable.  He/she will also coordinate and organize fundraisers.   

c.         The Secretary(s) shall maintain all written records, produce all written communications and approval forms (i.e., room reservations, etc.) prepare and distribute copies of the minutes from the previous meetings, provide notifications to parents/guardians of upcoming meetings, and any other pertinent information pertaining to the Organization. 

d.         The Treasurer shall maintain an accurate budget of all expenditures that have been directly ordered by the Organization, all revenue, and prepare and distribute copies of the Financial Report at each meeting to all in attendance.  He/she will also submit a copy to the Secretary for record keeping.  If the Treasurer cannot attend a meeting, he/she will forward any financial documents and accounting reports ahead of time to the Secretary for representation.  All receipts will be given to the school office to show expenses.  
Each year there will be a independent accountant will review the prior years expense account.

e.         Removal of an Officer  --  Whenever it is deemed in the best interest of the Organization, any Officer elected or appointed by the Organization may be removed by the Organization with a two-thirds majority vote of parents/guardians in attendance at the meeting, in conjunction with the Head Coach.

            f.          Election of Officers to be held after tryouts each spring.  The yearly budget will then be made by the officers.


ARTICLE IV -  Meetings

a.         Regular meetings will be held monthly.  Additional meetings may be held at the discretion of the Officers in conjunction with the Head Coach.  Officer meetings will be held on a by-monthly basis.

b.         A notice of the scheduled meetings will be sent using whatever reasonable means available.  For example but not limited to, email. Club meetings will also be posted on the school website monthly.


ARTICLE V – Disbursement of Funds

a.         The Treasurer will be instructed to make a request for payment and issue financial documents through the Penns Valley Cheerleading Booster Club only after a majority vote of the members in attendance at the meeting.  The Officers can approve a monetary amount of $100 or less with a vote from three out of four Officers (Discretion of officers by phone call or email).  $101 and over must be approved by a vote of the Cheerleading Booster Club.  All Disbursements must meet the requirements of PVASD Policy No. 915 Community Booster Organizations.
b.        Fundraiser money that each girl has earned in their individual account will only be held for her for two season, if she does not cheer each consecutive seasons.  
Seniors can use their fundraiser money at their discretion.  Either at dances or cheer apparel.  If not used the money after the girl graduates will return the booster club general working account.
Siblings on all squads will have the fundraiser profit evenly split, unless directed by parent which child will receive the money.
c.       If  a check made payable to the club has been returned for insufficient funds by cheerleaders parents, the club will charge the parents the same fee the bank has charged the club.  If a check has been returned for a second time or more, then the club will still charge the same fee the bank has imposed, and a $10 fee will then be added to that same parent check fees.  This addtional fee is for the mailing of a  certified letter and any fees associated with the copies of the letter.  A certified letter, and a phone call and/or an email will be made to that cheerleaders parents.