Penns Valley Cheerleading Booster Club

December 3, 2014


Meeting comes to order:


Sue Tice- makes a motion meeting come to order
Tiffany Rose- seconds motion


Joe Uncles
Keri Laird
Sue Tice
Nicci Redin
Crystal Bierly-Kurtz
Tiffany Rose


Treasurer Report:

November beginning balance $2232.11

One debit (check #117 for $36 refund) -$36

End balance $2196.11

Need to pay Burkholder’s $52.11

Receipts attached to statement


Old Business:

Fundraiser has started


100% of Rada cutlery to booster club

$1 Marianna’s Hoagies to girls account

$1 Marianna’s Hoagies to booster club

All Winter sports for Varsity and junior high cheerleading will start December 8, 2014

New Business:

Next officer meeting will still be determined

Fundraiser pick up is still December 17, 2014 time has changed to 6-7pm.

Letters to parents will be sent out prior to the 17th.

Next meeting:

January 7, 2015 7pm

Room 37

Meeting adjourn


Sue Tice- motion to end meeting

Keri Laird- seconds

Penns Valley Cheerleading Booster Club


November 12, 2014


Meeting come to order


Sue Tice: make a motion

Joe Uncles: seconds motion

Motion carried




Sue Tice

Keri Laird

Crystal Bierly-Kurtz

Nicci Redin

Tiffany Rose

Joe Uncles



Old Business


Varsity and Junior High both sold butter braids and decorative mini flags as their fall fundraiser.

Butter braids-137 sold ($13 a pastry) $1781 and $704.25 as the girls’ profit.

Decorative mini flags or poles-108 sold ($6 flag or pole) $1080 and $540 as the girls profit.


By laws for booster club need to be updated, laws have not been updated since club was started in 2006. 

Crystal would like an audit done once a year on the booster club expenses by a professional.

Meeting for officers to update by laws will be held Thursday November 20, 2014.

Officers meetings will be held every other month.  Next meeting will be in January.



Nicci Redin had a motion for money to return to a cheerleader’s family for charges of a bounced check.

Bank did not charge as much as anticipated and money should be returned.

Crystal suggested:

 1st bound check should be bank fee (Mifflinburg Bank charges $12 per check)
 2nd bound check bank fee + $10

The $10 will be for sending the family a certified letter, copy fees, and copies of the bounced checks.

Nicci Redin – asked for the motion

Tiffany Rose- second the motion

Motion carried


Winter trys outs for winter sports will be Tuesday-Thursday November 11-13

Mandatory parents meeting for varsity and junior high will be Monday November 17, 2014 at 7pm in cafeteria.


New Business

Monday November 17, 2014 will be the kick off date of the winter sports fundraiser, both varsity and junior high squads will be participating.

Rada Cutlery will be sold, as well as Marianna’s hoagies.

Rada is a 40% profit and 100% of that will be going to the booster club. Various price ranges of the items in the preprinted book by Rada cutlery.

The booster club will be using that money for spring banquet, spirit items, and other club needs.

Hoagies and pizza has a $2 profit per item sold.  $1 to the club and $1 to each individual girl to go towards cheer camp, apparel or shoes.

Hoagies will be and regular pizza $7

Specialty pizza $9

Each girl is asked to sell 15 items, whether it is hoagies or Rada cutlery.

Fundraiser will be

November 17-28

Due December 3

Pick up

December 17, 2014


PVHS Cafeteria

No Late order accepted

Sue Tice asked for a motion

Joe Uncles second

Motion carried


Fundraiser ideas for the spring

Car wash at Burkholder in May (Russ Burkholder has approved the idea) athletic director needs to approve.


Next booster club meeting will be Wednesday December 3, 2014 at 7pm room 36/37


Sue Tice to adjourn meeting

Keri Laird second

Motion carried


Meeting adjourn 8:09pm








Wednesday October 1, 2014



Sue Tice

Keri Laird

Nicci Redin

Tiffany Rose

Joe Uncles


Sue called meeting to order, Joe seconds at 7:04pm.


Old Business:

A big Thank you to all who helped with food and time for the Homecoming parade and dance, it was a huge success.

The parade the food stand raised $549.

The dance had around 251 kids who attended.


New Business:

Food will be provided for the girls on away games.  There are only 3 away games left this year. 

The booster club will pay all three of these meals.

Chestnut Ridge- Mac and cheese, chicken, and fruit

Phillipsburg- Subs from OIP

Mt. Union-  Pizza from OIP


Home games the squad will provide visiting squad with water and a variety of treats; such as pretzels, chips, snack cakes, and candy.


The first fundraiser of the year will start on Monday October 6, 2014 and end October 17, 2014.  Pick up will be Wednesday October 29, 2014 for 6-8pm in the cafeteria.   Both Jr high and varsity squads will be selling butters braids, and flags.

Butter braids $13

Flags and poles $6


Butter braids will make a $5.25 profit for each girl per braid.  The goal is 250 for both squads to get a $50 bonus.
Flags and poles will be a 50% profit for the girls.

The money will go towards Cheer camp in the summer.



Meetings will be first Wednesday each month

7pm room 36


Sue Tice adjourns the meeting at 7:55 and Joe Uncles seconds the motion.

Next meeting
Wednesday November 5, 2014
7pm room 36

Meeting Rescheduled!
Wednesday November 12, 2014   

Penns Valley Cheerleading
Booster Club


September 8, 2014

The PV Cheerleading Booster Club held their first meeting of the 2014/2015 school year.  The meeting was held after the scheduled parents meeting.

Incumbent President, Sue Tice, welcomed the new coach Crystal Bierly-Kurtz, the new 2014/2015 cheerleaders, and all parents. President Sue explained the purpose of the group, how it functions, and asked for 2 more officers for treasurer and secretary, and volunteers to ensure the success of the Cheerleading Program.

Officer Nominations:

Secretary-Sue Tice nominated Tiffany Rose, and Keri Laird seconded the nomination. Motion carried.
Treasurer-Sue Tice nominated Nicci Redin, and keri Laird seconded the nomination. Motion carried.

The 2014/2015 PV Cheerleading Booster Club Officers:
President-Sue Tice
Vice President – Keri Laird
Treasurer-Nicci Redin
Secretary- Tiffany Rose

Removal of old officers from booster club account
Tracey Walker
Lori Reamer

 New Business:

Discussed the Homecoming Parade and the Booster Club’s fundraising event.The homecoming parade will be Thursday September 25, 2014.  Sue confirmed that we will be doing Walking Tacos again this year. The selling price will be $3.50 each.  Time for set up will be 4:00.  Parents have decided that they will donate the food this year for the event instead of the booster club providing the food.

Homecoming Parade Volunteers:

Heather Besecker- (200) 1oz bags Doritos
Beth Covalt- 20lbs Taco Meat with Seasoning
Jody Aucker-(4) 5lbs shredded lettuce
Lydia Cowher-(4) 5lbs tubs sour cream
Lindsey Miller-(4 ) 135oz jar of mild and medium salsa
Nicci Redin-(1) 5lb. bag shredded cheese
Tonia Witmer-(1) 5lb. bag shredded cheese
Jennifer Uncles-(1) 5lb bag shredded cheese
Keri Laird-ice

(1)Nicci Redin
(1)Beth Covalt
(1)Keri Laird (also table cloths)

Jennifer and Joe Uncles
Keri Laird
Sue Tice
Beth Covalt
Lindsey Miller
Nicci Redin
Chad Orndorf
Jodi Aucker
Deanna Bilby

 Discussed decorating for the Homecoming Dance on Saturday September 27, 2014. Sue and Keri requested parents help with decorating in the morning of the dance.


Discussed a variety of fundraisers for this school year, only 2 fundraisers a year are allowed by the school.  Parents gave 5 different fundraisers ideas.

Butter Braids
Seasonal Flags
Marrianas Hoagies
Cheer  A Thon

Next Booster Club meeting:

Wednesday October 1, 2014


Meeting adjourn 7:45 by Sue and Joe






September 2012


In conjunction with the scheduled Parents’ Meeting the PV Cheerleading Booster Club held their first meeting of the 2012/2013 school year.


Incumbent President, Andrea Stroup, welcomed the new coaches, the new 2012/2013 cheerleaders, and all parents. President Stroup explained the purpose of the group, how it functions, and asked for volunteers to ensure the success of the Cheerleading Program.


Officer Nominations:


President – Lisa Bickle nominated Andrea Stroup, Lori Reamer seconded the nomination. Motion carried

Vice President – Andrea Stroup nominated Sue Tice, Lisa Bickle seconded the nomination. Motion carried.

Treasurer – Andrea Stroup nominated Heather Besecker, Lisa Bickle seconded the nomination. Motion carried.

Secretary – Andrea Stroup nominated Lori Reamer, Lisa Bickle seconded the nomination.


The 2012/2012 PV Cheerleading Booster Club Officers:

President – Andrea Stroup

Vice President – Sue Tice

Treasurer – Heather Besecker

Secretary – Lori Reamer


New Business:


Discussed decorating for the Homecoming Dance on September 29, 2012. Andrea requested parent help. The Booster Club typically purchases breakfast/snack items for the cheerleaders and other helpers. Andrea made a motion to purchase $50 of breakfast/snack items. Kay Moses seconded the nomination. Motion carried. Sue Tice will purchase these items and deliver them to the gym on September 29, 2012.


Discussed the Homecoming Parade and the Booster Club’s fundraising event. Andrea has already confirmed that we will be doing the Walking Tacos again this year. The selling price will be $3.50 each and the cost for ingredients is approximately $1.70 each. The group in attendance decided that we should increase the number to 250 this year since they sell out every year. Lori Reamer made a motion to purchase the ingredients for the Walking Tacos and Lisa Bickle seconded the motion. Motion carried. Time for set up will be 5:00 PM. Andrea requested help with signs, set-up, and volunteers to serve. Coach Leitch and Coach Hosterman (WELCOME ABOARD!) noted that the cheerleaders will not have a float this year. They will be walking/cheering the parade route.


Coach Hosterman requested that the Booster Club assist with alterations for the Junior High sweat jackets (less than $100). Lisa Bickle made motion. Dora Van Amburgh seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Coach Leitch requested that the Booster Club assist in purchasing 16 each “Cheer” signs for use at various games. Cost will be approximately $70. Lori Reamer made motion. Heather Besecker seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Spirit Week – Kay Moses requested that the football players and cheerleaders visit the elementary school in an effort to prep the younger students on high school activities. All in attendance felt it was a wonderful idea. Kay will discuss with appropriate school officials.


Miscellaneous – Andrea asked parents to be thinking about potential sponsors that may be interested in purchasing spirit items. She also asked the cheerleaders to provide ideas on spirit items.


Important Dates:

September 27 – Homecoming Parade

September 28 – Homecoming Football Game

September 29 – Homecoming Dance

October 1 – Cheerleading Booster Club Meeting


Lori Reamer made motion for meeting to be adjourned at 6:50 PM and Andrea Stroup seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted,

Lori Reamer, Secretary

PV Cheerleading Booster Club


October 2012 


Coach Leitch, Keri Laird, Heather Besecker, Lori Reamer, Andrea Stroup, Sue Tice, Jody Haupt

President Stroup called the meeting to order at 7:06 PM. Reviewed minutes from September 10, 2012, meeting. Keri Laird made a motion to approve the minutes and Heather Besecker seconded the motion.


Andrea noted that we made $340 from the Homecoming Parade Stand. At this time, the club is still transitioning to the new Treasurer, Heather. Budget discussions will be held at the November meeting.


Old Business:

Discussed the transition of duties to our new Vice President, Sue Tice, and Treasurer, Heather Besecker. 

The spirit items arrived and were available for the Homecoming football game. Items purchased were glow sticks, boom sticks, and hand clappers.

Andrea reported that we need a check to pay for Madison’s shoes. Lori made a motion to pay this expense of $30 and Sue seconded the motion.

New Business:

Discussed spirit items for next year. One potential idea was cow bells. Also discussed potential sponsors for the spirit items for the winter season,.

Discussed drinks for the cheerleaders at the games. In the past the Booster Club purchased drinks form the food stand. Coach Leitch suggested water for the remaining games. Heather will investigate a potential donor. If this does not work, Andrea made a motion to purchase four (4) cases of water and Lori seconded the motion.

Discussed ideas for the fall fundraiser. Potential ideas include: Marianna’s hoagies/pizzas; Home Delivery hoagies/pizzas; Rada cutlery; Pampered Chef calendar; Snyder’s subs. Heather to investigate whether Snyder’s would be willing to participate in a fundraising event. Sue made a motion to purse Rada and subs from either Marianna’s or Snyder’s.

Discussed a point system for cheerleader’s accounts. This item was tabled for a future meeting.

Discussed flowers for Football’s Parents Night. Keri made a motion to spend up to $50 for the two seniors and Sue seconded the motion.

Coach’s Comments:

Coach Leitch requested that the Booster Club purchase pizzas for the Junior High cheerleaders on October 11 since they will be cheering at two games that night. Lori made a motion to purchase four pizzas and Keri seconded the motion.


Important Dates:

October 13 – Baked Goods for the Dutch Fall Festival Stand

October 26 – Parents Night

November 7 – Cheerleading Booster Club Meeting

Andrea made a motion for meeting to be adjourned at 8:11 PM and Tami seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Lori Reamer, Secretary

PV Cheerleading Booster Club



November 2012


Attendees: Andrea Stroup, Jody Haupt, Tami Homan, Courtney Leitch, Kayla Hosterman, Sue Tice, Lori Reamer

President Stroup called meeting to order at 7:04 PM.

Reviewed minutes from October 3, 2012, meeting. Correction needs to be made to the third paragraph under OLD BUSINESS. Kayla made motion to approve minutes with this deletion and Courtney seconded the motion.

No Treasurer’s report at this time. The club has not completed transition to the new Treasurer. Andrea noted that we made $256 from bake sale at the Haines Township Dutch Fall Festival.

Old Business

Reviewed the Football Parents’ Night activities. Coaches and Booster Club were unaware of the 6:30 PM commencement. Coaches to work on having it returned to half-time as in the past.

Discussed spirit items from the Fall season. All in attendance liked the items purchased. Discussed Winter spirit items. Potential items are pom-poms, basketballs, hand clappers, glow necklaces, and beads. Sue made a motion to spend $300 on Winter spirit items and Jodi seconded the motion. Still looking for potential sponsors. All potential sponsors should contact Andrea Stroup.

The next fundraiser will be Rada and Snyder’s Hoagies. The dates of the sale are November 5 -16, 2012. Forms will be distributed to new cheerleaders for money for their accounts. Delivery will be December 13 from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Please note that there is a Junior High wrestling meet that evening and cheerleaders must be there by 5:15. If there are any problems with the pick-up, contact Sue or Andrea.

New Business

Kayla had requested permission to purchase a CD of dance music after the October meeting. Lori made a motion to reimburse Kayla for this purchase (approximately $50) and Andrea seconded the motion. Kayla will provide a receipt for reimbursement.

Banquet – Discussed the banquet. April was recommended. Coaches recommended a pot luck dinner to keep expenses to a minimum. Specifics were tabled for a future meeting.

Senior Gifts – Discussed senior gifts. Tabled specific ideas for a future meeting.


Important Dates

Tryouts – November 12, 13, 14 at PVI

Fundraiser – orders due by November 19, delivery December 13

Cheerleading Booster Club Meeting – December 5, 2012, at 6:15 PM (in conjunction with Parent Meeting)

Cheerleading Booster Club Meeting – January 2, 2013, at 6:15 PM

Coaches Comments

Discussed 2013 Cheer Camp at Penn State.

Discussed Elementary Cheer Camp.


Andrea made a motion to adjourn meeting at 7:51 PM and Jodi seconded the motion.


Respectfully submitted,

Lori Reamer, Secretary



December 2012


*Secretary Lori Reamer was absent – Coach Kayla Hosterman took meeting minutes instead

6:25 – Start Meeting. Motions – 1st Jody Haupt, 2nd Heather Besecker

Treasurer’s Report: 

·         $1671.25 in Rada Sales, $1122 in Hoagie Sales – GOOD JOB! Very good fundraiser – things come in on December 13th for pick up.

·         Vote to pay for fundraisers – 1st motion, Sue Tice 2nd motion, Heather Besecker

·         Order spirit items from “Spirit Line” - $300 or less


Old Business:

·         Going to get cafeteria for fundraiser pick-up on December 13th

·         Spirit items are going to consist of hand clappers, beads, pom-poms, glow necklaces

·         Looking for sponsors for balls to throw (approx $250)

·         Senior Gifts – sweatshirt for all seniors, jacket for longevity seniors. Coach Kayla is going to find sweatshirts and jackets along with printing for on them. Motion to get senior gifts – 1st motion Jody Haupt, 2nd motion Sue Tice

·         Cheer Banquet – Date set as April 11th at 6pm in the PVHS Cafeteria. Budget $300. Booster Club is going to get Ham. Motions – 1st Heather Besecker, 2nd Kayla Hosterman

·         Tracy Walker is going to create google doc for food sign-ups for the banquet


New Business:

·         Coaches asked if booster club could pay for a gift card for volunteer coach Brittany Federinko at end of year

·         Coaches asked for payment to the cheer account from boosters for Emma L - $18 (over-paid boosters instead of cheer account), and Ada B - $23 (for midrift). Boosters going to check on girl’s accounts, and going to make payment in future to cheer account


Important Dates:

·         December 13th – Fundraiser Pick-up

·         January 2nd – Booster Club meeting 6:15pm

6:55pm – End of Meeting. Motions – 1st Jody Haupt, 2nd Heather Besecker





July 2013


Cheerleading Booster Club Meeting Minutes –July 2, 2013

6:11pm Start Meeting - voted by Sue Tice, Heather Besecker

Old business:

·         Bake sale made $192.61

New business:

·         Sponsors needed for spirit items; minimum amount of $150 for business advertisement, if anyone donates $250 or more they can choose which spirit item they would like to have their advertisement on

·         Coach Kayla is going to create letter that is going to be given to potential sponsors; Sue Tice will create master list of who the sponsors are

·         Spirit items may include: pom-poms, megaphones with schedules, footballs/basketballs, hand towels, wristbands

·         Checks are going to be made to PV Cheerleading Booster Club and mailed to high school

·         Going to order items by August 1st so that they are here in time for football season

·         Booster Club is going to pay for jr high warm ups – or whatever warm-ups cannot be paid for by the athletic account; approx $60 per warm-up; more info to follow by coach Kayla. Warms up are going to be ordered from Rapid-Transit and have already been chosen by coaches. Votes to pay for the extra warm ups: Heather Besecker, Sue Tice

·         Booster Club is going to make walking tocos again this year at the homecoming parade- selling them for $3.50 each. This will take place on Thursday October 3rd. Supplies are going to be purchased at Sam’s Club. Voted on by: Sue Tice, Tracy Walker

·         Going to need volunteers to work at the consession stand/ toco stand- help setting up and cleaning up as well- need powerstrips, rosters/crockpots – Tracy Walker is going to find tables for use

·         Booster Club is going to purchase a canopy-tent for use at all events – approx $100. Voted by: Keri Laird, Heather Besecker

·         Homecoming Dance – going to purchase snacks for dance set up $60-$70, needs to be there by 8am on October 5th – voted by Keri Laird, Heather Besecker

·         Booster Club is going to split the cost of meals for varsity before all football games- split cost with the cheerleading account – voted by Tracy Walker, Sherry Hosterman

·         Discussed creating a point system for parent involvement with the booster club –going to discuss this further at next meeting

·         Booster Club fundraiser is going to be September 9-21. Going to decide which fundraiser to do at next meeting; discussed Snyders, Celebrating Home,

·         Nonmination for Tracy Walker to become co-secretary for the 2013-2014 year- voted by Keri Laird, Heather Besecker

Next Meeting: Wednesday August 7th, 6pm in the high school home ech rooms.

End of Meeting: 7:22pm