Penns Valley Area High School Cheerleading Program Constitution

Revised August 2012

Purpose as a Cheerleader:

* Demonstrate dedication to promoting school spirit, pride, and loyalty to Penns Valley Area High School

* Encourage good sportsmanship at all times within the school and between competing schools

* Hold a distinct position of leadership representing the district at all times at a variety of events to support all athletic teams.

Cheerleaders as Athletes:

* Cheerleaders are student athletes as defined by the school district and its athletic code.

* All cheerleaders and their parents/guardians will sign that they have read and understand the athletic hand book and constitution and agree to adhere to its contents and policies.

* Disciplinary actions will be taken accordingly for any violations.

* Academic responsibilities MUST BE upheld.

* Cheerleaders must conduct themselves as athletes at all times, and are not permitted to argue or be disrespectful to coaches, volunteers, teammates or visitors at anytime.

* Follow all doctor and/or trainer recommendations. Report all injuries as soon as they happen.

* Hair color and make up must remain tasteful and natural throughout the entire season.

Nails must be trimmed and natural for the safety of the program participants. No colored nail polish at games or events.

* Cheerleading is reasonably safe as long as guidelines are followed. As in any athletic activity there are inherent risks of injury. A physical examination is required to participate.

Attendance Policy:

* The cheerleader’s respective coach must be personally contacted at least 1 hour prior to the absence and followed by a written excuse from parent/guardian within a week for the absence to be marked excused.

-- Excused absences are as follows: illness, injury, or other medical excuses, personal or family emergencies, and family vacations- submitted in writing to the coach at least 1 week in advance.  Absences due to scheduling conflicts for other activities must be addressed with the coach on an individual basis at least 24 hours in advance.

-- Consequences for unexcused absences are as follows:

1. If a cheerleader attains 3 unexcused absences during the practice schedule, they will be dismissed— where 2 unexcused events is means for dismissal.

2. If a cheerleader has an unexcused absence for a practice scheduled to prepare for a specific event, the cheerleader will be expected to dress and attend the event with the coaches, but not permitted to participate.

* Cheerleaders are responsible for all material missed from practices or events and must keep in mind how their team will be impacted by their absence.

* If for any reason a cheerleader is suspended, they must attend practice, but will not participate in events. Coaches may assign suspension as needed for any infractions listed or not listed that require action. Parents and school officials will be contacted.

* Cheerleaders are expected to attend all summer camps and participate in fundraising.


Uniform Policy:

* Cheerleaders take full responsibly of the uniform issued to them from the school district as recorded on the uniform issuing records, signed by the coach and cheerleader at the time of distribution.

* Cheerleaders are responsible for replacing any lost or damaged uniforms which are the property of the school district- therefore should not be altered without permission or loaned to anyone at anytime.

* Cheerleaders are responsible for returning the same uniform as the records show at the time of collection in the same condition as the cheerleader received the uniform.

Therefore you must pay special attention to the care instructions.

* Cheerleaders must act responsibly in uniform and with regard to any other items not issued by the district that bear the name of the program.

Practice Guidelines:

* Attendance is taken and required for all practices, as stated in the Attendance Policy.

* Practice attire should consist of active wear, such as: cotton shorts (no mesh, wind pants or that containing zippers or buttons), fitting t-shirts, socks, cheerleading shoes, and hair pulled up and out of the face.

* No jewelry or gum at practices.

* No Cell phones during practices.

* All Cheerleaders must arrive on time, ready for to give their best effort and work hard as a team at practice. Positive attitudes are required at all times.

* No stunting without the presence of a coach or without mats. No laughing or talking while a stunt is in progress.

* Only program members, coaches, and approved volunteers are permitted at practices.

Event Guidelines:

* Attendance is taken and required for all practices, as stated in the Attendance Policy.

-- If for any reason an event is cancelled and/or rescheduled, each cheerleader is expected to make every effort to attend the event on the new date.

* If a cheerleader is ineligible for any reason, they are still required to attend and sit with the coach.

* All cheerleaders must arrive at the scheduled time given by their coach, in school issued uniform, ready to cheer. Uniforms and shoes must be clean for each event.

* All pieces of school issued uniform should be brought to each event to accommodate different weather circumstances. Each squad will determine what pieces of uniform they will wear for the event by majority decision and approval by the coach. Any cheerleader unprepared will sit out with the coach.

* No jewelry or gum at events

* No Cell phones during events.

* No socializing with fans during events.

* No fixing hair or makeup on the field or during an event.

* All cheerleaders must remain in squad line up at all times. While a cheer/sideline is not in progress, you should stand facing the event with hands behind back.

* All stunts to be performed at an event, must be practiced in the presence of the coach and approved prior to the event.

* Only 1 cheerleader is permitted to use the restroom at a time at home events, and the buddy system if necessary at away events.

* All cheerleaders must return to the field following half time at the time set by the coach. If they do not, they will sit out with the coach the next quarter.

* Cheerleaders may not leave an event until dismissed by the coach. Transportation must be arranged by the cheerleader to and from an event in a timely manner.

* A travel release form is required for all away events submitted prior to the event.


Length of Season:

* The scheduling of athletic events is the responsibility of the Athletic Director not the cheerleading coach, therefore may not be the same from season to season.

* The scheduling of cheerleading practice is done by the cheerleading coach and may vary from season to season.

* Tryouts for the fall athletic season take place in (approximately) May and are followed by a number of practices to prepare for the summer.

-- Summer practice season is approximately from June through August and includes camps.

* The fall athletic season begins in September and concludes approximately November.

* Tryouts for the winter athletic season take place in (approximately) November and are immediately followed by the winter practice season and athletic season from November to approximately March.

Squad break down:

* Varsity Squad

will cheer at home and possibly away Varsity football games, and home Varsity boys basketball, Varsity girls basketball, and Varsity wrestling events.

--- Varsity Cheerleaders will attend any PIAA playoff games for both fall and winter seasons, transportation and dates/times will be provided by the district.

* Junior Varsity Squad

will cheer at home JV football events, (possibly 9th grade football events) and home JV boys and girls basketball events, (possibly some Jr. Hi, wrestling events)

* Junior High Squad

will cheer at 7th/8th/ and possibly 9th grade home football events if prepared and all Jr. Hi boys and girls basketball events, and Jr. Hi wrestling events. 

 By signing below, both the cheerleader and parent/guardian have read this constitution and agree to the terms.


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