Strength Training, Agilities and Skill Development sessions will be held after school starting on Monday, January 8, 2018.  These training sessions will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 3:30-5:30.  Any athletes in grades 7-11 that are not involved in a current sport season are encouraged to attend.  This schedule will be followed through the remainder of the school year.

Athletes participating in this after school program should report to the boys locker room near the small gym at the end of the school day.  Players should bring shorts, shirts and sneakers to change into for the workouts.  Please wear PV gear or blue, grey or white colors.  The showers will be available for anyone who wants to use them.  Bring the necessary items to shower if interested. Coaches will monitor the athletes throughout the workouts until the designated pick-up time of 5:30.  Athletes will need to provide their own transportation.

Reminder - There are no workouts on days when there is no school or when after school activities are cancelled.

                                           TRAINING PHILOSOPHY

Off-season training is critical for the growth, development and welfare of all players.  A well-coordinated program that addresses all areas of individual development is necessary.  This will improve the health and safety of the athletes.  Strong minds and bodies are sculpted through these activities.  It also builds a stronger team concept as the players work together in a highly motivated, competitive atmosphere.

The purpose of the off-season strength training program is to develop and maximize the potential of all athletes.  The safety and welfare of our student athletes is a priority.  It is an expectation that our players participate in our strength training program to help address these concerns.  Athletes attending 70% or more of these workouts will be able to demonstrate improvements in their physical abilities.  Athletes will get out of it what they put into it.  

Participation in these workouts is not required to be a member of the football program. It does not guarantee playing time.  Playing time is earned by the players through their performance at practice and in competitive situations.  Priority consideration for playing time is given to the athletes who participate in this program due to their commitment to the program.  There will always be circumstances where athletes have not participated in our off-season program but can excel in competition.  We will play the best players at each position so we can put the best team on the field.  This gives us the best opportunity to win.

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Tobias. mtobias@pennsvalley.org