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 2017 Penns Valley Football Meals
Volunteer Sign Up Sheet

Please see the attached link. Pass this on to everyone you know who has a son or daughter participating in the jv/v football program this season.  We are looking forward to a great year. A big thanks to everyone who attended the kick off meeting...the most ever in attendance! That was sure nice.  

So each day during camp, there will need to be someone who will "Coordinate" the meal....so be the big cheese, the head hancho, the boss lady or man, the one in charge! Just the go to person each day.  It is really simple. I will put together a list of things that need to happen and Brenda, the lunch lady is very helpful.
Cookies sign up is next to the volunteer help.  We will need 10 dozen cookies a game. Dessert needs to be finger type desserts. Cupcakes would only need to be 6 dozen or so, one each instead of two. If you sign up for cookies, they can be sent in ahead of time with your son or brought during the meal.  

Thanks again for everyone who is willing to help!!  Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!!