Sports Physical Information

Physical Examinations for Interscholastic Sports and Cheerleading

A student participating in sports and cheerleading must obtain a PIAA required sports physical by his/her health care providers at his/her expense. 
To participate in sports or cheerleading, a Penns Valley student must:
Receive one sports physical per year (June 1 to May 31). PIAA Physicals must be given June 1st or later.  PIAA forms, sections 1 - 6 must be completed at the time the physical is given.
Prior to the beginning of winter and spring sports, a parent must complete and return to the school a Section 7 Re-Certification by Parent/Guardian form. Changes in a student’s health since the initial physical exam must be noted by a parent.  A student MAY have to provide a Section 8 PIAA Comprehensive Pre-Participation Physical Re-Evaluation by Medical Examiner form completed by his/her physician if a student had to be treated for an illness or injury during the school year. If treatment was given, ask the doctor to complete the Re-Evaluation form at the exit visit. Taking that step in advance will in all likelihood save time and expense.
Section 9 Minimum Wrestling Weight form must be completed for wrestlers.
PIAA sports forms and instructions on completing them are available in the main offices of PVHS and PVEI and on the district website and PIAA website.