Grades 7-12
Counseling Staff & Contact Information


The goal of the Penns Valley High School Counseling Office is to provide students with guidance and resources throughout their secondary education.  Penns Valley High School consists of two counselors, William “Bill” Bock (grades 10-12) and Karen Bossert (grades 7-9) and a College Adviser, Margaret Babson.  Mr. Bock is trained in the Olweus Bully Prevention Program. The Olweus Bully Prevention Program is a community partnership program designed to prevent or reduce bullying by involving students, faculty and staff, parents, and community members,

Student achievement outside of secondary education is of utmost importance to our counseling staff.  At Penns Valley, our counselors act as liaison between the workforce and Post-Secondary Institutions while providing our students and families with accurate and up-to-date information that they need in order to succeed after high school.  Penns Valley students have the opportunity to attend the Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology (CPI) beginning their sophomore year in high school.  Please visit CPI at  and check out all of the amazing programs.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the counselors or Karen Myers, Counseling Secretary.

Bill Bock, School Counselor (grades 10-12)                              

Karen Bossert, School Counselor (grades 7-9) 

Margaret Babson, College Adviser  

Karen Myers, Counseling Secretary & Awards Coordinator

OFFICE PHONE -814-422-8907     FAX- 814-422-8991