School Health

Welcome to the School Nurse Health Services web site information.  We are pleased to be able to provide you with a quick reference to questions or issues that you may have pertaining to your child while at school.  You are encouraged to review the information and certainly call your school nurse with any questions or concerns.  Let us know if you have a topic or information that you would like added.  As always, we are available to you with any questions or concerns. 




  • Permission to Notify/Share Confidential Medical Information
  • Health History Form
  • F-210A: Authorization for One Prescribed Medication
  • F-210B: Medication & Asthma Inhaler Self-Administration
  • F-210C: Over the Counter Medication Form
  • School Physical Form
  • School Dental Form 

  • Resources and Training:   

    District Health Services:
    • Penns Valley High School

        Polly Nicosia,  RN BSN

       (814) 422-2000 EXT 3098

        Position: School Nurse
        E-mail:  pnicosia@pennsvalley.org

    • Penns Valley Elementary Schools

        Lori Stover, RN, BSN

        (814) 422-2000

        Position:  School Nurse
        E-mail: lstover@pennsvalley.org


    Penns Valley Elementary/Intermediate

        Nurse:  Kaleena Irwin, LPN

        (814) 422-2000 EXT 2098


    Centre Hall Elementary

        Nurse:  Lori Stover, RN BSN

        (814) 422-2000 EXT 4098


    Miles Township Elementary

        Nurse: Lori Stover, RN BSN

        (814) 422-2000 EXT 6098

    Dental Hygienist:  Lori Abramcheck
    Dentist:                 Michael Dawson, DMD
    Doctor:                  Craig Collison,  MD