Healthy Snacks Ideas

Help keep the focus of school celebrations on healthy fun!


Healthy Treat Ideas:

• Fresh fruit

• Fresh fruit or vegetable skewers

• Fresh vegetables with dip

• Dried fruit

• Frozen fruit with no added sugar

• Canned fruit in natural juice

• Cheese/meat & whole grain cracker tray

• String cheese

• Popcorn

• Vegetable or fruit pizza

• Sandwiches cut into quarters

• Mini bagels

• 100% fruit snacks

• Rice cakes

• Oat bran muffins

• Oatmeal raisin cookies, gingersnaps or vanilla wafers 

• Frozen 100% fruit juice bars

• Low-fat pudding cups

• Low-fat yogurt

• 100% fruit drinks

Food doesn’t always have to be the center of school celebrations. Here are some other ideas:

Non-food Ideas for Favors or Treats:

• Pencils • Art supplies • Bubbles

• Erasers • Other small school supplies • Stickers

• Notebooks • Small books • Bouncy balls

Party Activities that Don’t Focus on Food:

• Have a scavenger hunt

• Take a walk outside

• Bring music and have a dance or sing songs

• Make a gift

• Make a craft related to the party theme

• Have a community project

• Have a talent or drama day

• Design, build and run an obstacle course

• Have the birthday child lead an active game

• Have a parent come and read a story

• Create a “celebrate me” birthday book for the birthday child: classmates write stories, poems or draw pictures for the book