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Educational Innovation

Ad hoc Committee Name: Educational Innovation Committee

Rationale: We desire to serve the educational needs for all school aged children within the District, acknowledging the existing programming fails to meet the needs of all students. The purpose of the Education Innovation Committee is to examine and recommend new educational programming that ignites a passion for learning within an underserved population. We will continue our endeavor to accomplish our mission of: “Empowering our students every day to reach individual success”. Inclusion of all stakeholders from our partnered school community will enable the committee to incorporate diverse perspectives to support recommended changes to our educational programming.

Charge to Committee: The Educational Innovation Committee will research, discuss, refine, and ultimately recommended to the board for consideration, innovative and creative ideas that will yield the highest attainment of individual student success for the underserved population.

Our Mission:
Empowering our students every day to reach individual success

Our Vision:
The Penns Valley Area School District, families and the rural, progressive community are dedicated to the well-being of each student. We desire engaged, passionate and motivated learners. Our focus on learning in a supportive and trusting environment will prepare our students to be contributing members of a global society. We are committed to effective communication to create a shared understanding between all members of the school community.

Our Beliefs:

We believe that...

  1. Our primary responsibility is to engage, motivate and impassion learners.

  2. A safe, caring, nurturing and comfortable environment promotes learning.

  3. The educational process is best served when we respect and embrace the differences among all people.

  4. Our partnered school community shares the responsibility for qualityeducation and high performing schools.

  5. Excellence is best-achieved and maintained by inspiring our staff through effective leadership, teamwork and the appropriate provision of resources.

  6. A culture of continuous improvement promotes student achievement

  7. Learning happens in different ways and from different starting points.

  8. Learning is a life-long process.