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My name is Emily Paul and I am the Elementary School Counselor for both Centre Hall and Miles Township Elementary Schools. I began working for Penns Valley School District in the middle of December, 2018 and I am so happy to be part of such a wonderful community!

I have been working in education and counseling for over ten years and have my Masters in Educational Leadership: School Counseling. My experiences as an educator and counselor have taken me from California to North Carolina and back to Pennsylvania where I grew up. I am passionate about school counseling and believe every student has the potential to succeed. My goal is to help students recognize their own potential and overcome stumbling blocks along the way.

As the counselor, I have the privilege to work with every single student at the school. I plan on working with students in the classroom, in small groups, and for short-term individual counseling. I will also be meeting with parents, collaborating with teachers and staff, and consulting with local organizations to meet the needs of every student.

Please feel free to call me or stop in so that we can meet face-to-face. I can be reached by email at epaul@pennsvalley.org or by phone at (814) 422-2004 Ext. 4095 [Centre Hall Elementary] or (814) 422-2006 Ext. 6095 [Miles Township Elementary].

Iā€™m excited to be here and I look forward to getting to know you and your children!


Emily Paul

Call me at Centre Hall:
(814) 422-2004 ext. 4095
Call me at Miles Township:
(814) 422-2006 ext. 6095
Reach me by email