Education Foundation » EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) Descriptions

EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) Descriptions

Artists in Residency


This program will support bringing visual artists, craftsmen, and performance artists to Penns Valley students.  The guest artists and craftsmen will be commissioned to work with teachers and students on projects ranging from small, one day demonstrations to more in depth, long term tasks or performances.  Kindergarten through twelfth grade students in Music, Art, Drama, and Wood and Metal Classes will benefit from this program.  The EITC funds will be utilized for supplies, materials, and stipends for the artists and craftsmen.   



Community Support for Advanced Studies


Similar to the Artists in Residency Program, this program will connect Penns Valley students with academic and industry experts in order to study academic concepts in greater depth than traditional experiences in high school classes. Examples could include working with scientists on research that could then be presented at fairs and symposiums, working with historians, mathematicians, engineers, and businessmen on real world projects, or having experts talk with students about applications for concepts and skills they are learning in the traditional classroom.  The EITC funds will be utilized for supplies, materials, and stipends for the field experts.

Maker Spaces

The Penns Valley Area School District has committed to creating a curriculum centered around science, technology, engineering, art, and math experiences for all students K-12.   We have done so through our courses/activities, our spaces, resources, and our personnel.  Specifically, we have dedicated a maker-space area at each of our elementary schools as well as dedicated science technology classrooms in our secondary school.   The makerspaces at both levels contain legos, robots, building materials, breakout boxes, coding supplies, green screens and 3-D Printers as well as technology to record and present what the students are doing.  


Our intermediate school has a dedicated science technology classroom where our students can zoom with scientists all over the world, make their own videos, and experiment on their own projects.  We also have an environmental center and outside gardens.  At the high school , in addition to dedicated classroom makerspaces described above, we have designed nine new collaborative technology spaces within our renovated high school.  We are currently looking at installing a one touch studio designed collaboratively with Penn State University.