Fan Attendance at High School Sports Update

Statement on fan attendance for week one football vs. Clearfield and for games from September 11-18.
With the Governor allowing fans to attend games as long as the venue is capped at 250 people for an outdoor event, this is how the Penns Valley Area School District will be conducting the first home football game vs. Clearfield on September 11th. Regulations were created in consultation with the rest of the Mountain League in an emergency meeting on September 8th. The 250-person occupancy limit includes everyone who is at the stadium, including fans, teams, workers, officials, media, band and cheerleaders.
For Friday’s game we are fortunate to be able to provide senior football players, band members, and cheerleaders 2 tickets each. Some schools do not even have that luxury. No other fans will be admitted. Parents must wear a mask while in the stadium and go through a routine screening and temperature check upon entering the stadium. After entering the stadium, non-family members must adhere to social distancing. Bleachers will be marked to show which rows may be occupied. Fans will not be able to drive up to the stadium and view the game from outside the stadium fences or from parked cars.
We are hopeful that legislation will be passed later this month that will allow schools the power to determine how many fans can attend their games. If we do get that ability, we will look to extend tickets to all of our parents first, and then to students and the general public. As frustrating as it will be to not have all of our parents or our fans be able to watch our games in person, these are the Governor’s orders. We ask that you respect that we are doing our best within the restrictions of what we are able to do.
Please do not come out to the school and try to gain entrance if you do not have a ticket. We want to put our efforts into providing our athletes and band members with a safe and rewarding experience, not policing our fans. Schools in violation of the Governor’s orders are subject to sanctions from District 6 and the PIAA. As we are able to allow more fans to attend, we will do so.
The football game on September 11th will be broadcast live on WHVL. We will also be streaming it live on Facebook Live.
For other outdoor sports
For outdoor sports other than football, we will be admitting all fans up to our 250-person limit. As we did not exceed 190 fans in last year’s fall season for any one event, we are confident we will have little issue accommodating fans for soccer and junior high football. Masks must be worn, social distancing must be observed, and for games at our stadium, temperature checks and routine screenings will be conducted to all entrants (we will not be doing screenings at cross country or at the upper soccer field). At away games for the Mountain League, fans will be allowed for our outdoor events. Non-League games will be at the discretion of the host school. For example, Mo Valley will not be allowing visiting fans for the girls soccer opener the 12th.
Barring any changes to the current Governor’s rulings, no fans will be allowed at volleyball as the 25-person occupancy limit is still intact. We will be streaming next week's home games on the District Facebook page.
There has been a tremendous amount of effort put into just getting us to this point in the season. Please have patience as we navigate the political sparring being waged at the state level for high school sports. Stay safe, and Go Rams! If you have any questions, please contact Nate Althouse at