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Writing at Penns Valley
This summer, our teachers attended professional development on student writing through a program called Collins Writing.  The goal of the Collins Writing Program is "to provide teachers, schools and districts with a unified, research-based writing program that can be used successfully in all classrooms in all subject areas from grades K-12."  
The Program incorporates five different types of writing.  Information on the five types can be found at Collins Writing.  Type 1 and Type 2 writing should be happening almost daily while Type 3-5 are longer, more intensive writing pieces which might only occur weekly.
Ways to support your child's writing:
  1. Talk with your child about what he/she is writing each day and, in each class
  2. Ask your child to read his/her writing – especially the Type 3 writing pieces
  3. Give especially young children opportunities to write at home – thank you notes, grocery lists, stories, brainstorm ideas (dinners, music, etc.)