Athletic Tickets Now All-Digital

If we want to see our favorite band on tour or catch our favorite pro team for the big game, we have to find tickets online. If we want to attend PIAA playoffs, we have to do the same. The world is already moving at the speed of digital ticketing and starting on August 25th, Penns Valley will transition to an all-digital ticketing format, as well. 
Why go to a digital ticketing format?
Since 2014, the Penns Valley Area School District has implemented very strict procedures for how tickets and the associated cash are prepared, distributed, and collected. Ensuring we have integrity and accurate records takes a lot of time and commitment from a number of staff members, from the central office, to the athletic office, to the staff at events.  We would like to achieve the same if not greater level of accuracy and security while also reducing the time strain on employees. We have already streamlined processes in that we now pay officials and workers through an online portal. We also took our entire registration process for student athletes online. Although it might take a little time to adjust, we believe that this is the future of all ticketing for high school athletics and once people see it in action, the whole process will become very familiar and easier to navigate.
We will still have our 10-pack of tickets available for $30. We will continue to offer free senior passes to Penns Valley residents who are at least 62 years young (if you already have a senior pass, you can still use it at the gate). Faculty and staff will still get in free, as well as our students with ID. 
There are three ways to get tickets...
  1. website. (notice it is .co not .com). You can order your tickets there, have them transferred to your phone or you can print them out.
  2. GoFan App.... get the app and buy and use your tickets directly from the app.
  3. Credit card sales... don't want to go the online or app route? Just come to the game and use a credit card or bank card. No fees or other charges. Ticket prices for this year will be a flat $5 for adults and $3 for non-Penns Valley students. 
You can find the GoFan website here. It will take you directly to Penns Valley's page. More information can be found on the Athletics Page of this site under Ticket Information