November 6th Marks Opening of New Parking Lot

When Bald Eagle rolls into town for wrestling on January 11th (traditionally one of the most attended events we host at the school), instead of having to get here at the crack of the 3:15 school bell to get a parking space (or having to park in the grass… or at PVEI… or at Burkholder’s), the new parking lot will be up and running with plenty of parking for everyone. Starting on November 6th, the high school students will be able to park in our spacious new parking lot in front of the school. You may notice that the assorted light posts we initially install will be of various sizes and alignments. This will be temporary until our brand-new, beautifully crafted permanent lights arrive in January. We look forward to the increased capacity which will safely accommodate our student body during the day and visitors for our most well-attended events in the evening... whether it's a school play, wrestling, elementary holiday concert(s), or all of them at once if the athletic director isn't on his game. Come on out!

We look forward to having you park comfortably and safely in our new parking lot.