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Penns Valley Athletics Directory

Title Level Name  Email Phone
Athletic Director   Nate Althouse
(814) 441-3282
Athletic Assistant   Shelly Weaver (814) 422-2000
Athletic Trainer   Claire Williams (602) 705-1325
Athletic Attendance   Mindy Gensimore (814) 422-2003
Athletic Facilities   Amy Niewinski (814) 422-2000
Athletic Eligibility   Tammy Glasgow (814) 422-2003
Baseball Varsity      
Baseball  Varsity Assistant Troy Kauffman  
Baseball JV Brian Randolph  
Basketball Girls Varsity Terrance Green  
Basketball Girls JV Katie Kurtz  
Basketball Girls Junior High Kurt Troxell  
Basketball Girls Junior High Garrett Milner  
Basketball Boys Varsity Rob Irwin  
Basketball  Boys JV Mike Durn  
Basketball Boys Junior High
Fred Ironside  
Basketball Boys Junior High  TBD    
Cheerleading Varsity Megan Henry  
Cheerleading Varsity Assistant Crystal Bierly-Kurtz  
Cross Country Girls Varsity Lynda Federinko  
Cross Country Boys Varsity Terry Glunt  
Football Varsity Martin Tobias  
Football Varsity Assistant Tom Shearer  
Football Varsity Assistant Kurt Troxell  
Football Varsity Assistant Rob Irwin  
Football  Varsity Assistant Matt Myers  
Football  Junior High Evan Heiser  
Football Junior High Troy Kauffman  
Football Junior High Brian Heiser  
Football Junior High Brian Randolph  
Golf Varsity Girls and Boys Chris Dobson  
Soccer Girls Varsity Andrew Beverly  
Soccer Girls JV Autumn Rosenberg  
Soccer Girls Junior High Meredith Nold  
Soccer Boys Varsity Ken Gore  
Soccer Boys JV Brian Markle  
Soccer Boys Junior High Sean Herrmann  
Softball Varsity Tessa Deardorff  
Softball JV Terrance Green  
Softball Junior High Jaron Cunrod  
Swimming Varsity Volunteer TBA    
Swimming Varsity Volunteer TBA    
Track and Field Varsity Girls & Boys Cody Love  
Track and Field Varsity Assistant JD Kubalak  
Track and Field Varsity Assistant Garrett Milner  
Track and Field  Varsity Assistant Sean Herrmann  
Track and Field  Girls Junior High      
Track and Field Boys Junior High      
Volleyball Girls Varsity Jayme Ishler  
Volleyball Girls JV Liz Troxell  
Volleyball Girls Junior High Kim Claar  
Volleyball Girls Junior High Pam Velasquez  
Wrestling Varsity Joel Brinker  
Wrestling Varsity Assistant Mike Wise  
Wrestling  Junior High Wayne Yearick  
Wrestling Junior High Colby Stover