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Penns Valley Athletics Directory

Title Level Name  Email Phone
Principal   Zac Wynkoop
(814) 422-2003
Athletic Director   Nate Althouse
(814) 441-3282
Athletic Assistant   Kristin Smeltzer [email protected] (814) 422-2000
Athletic Trainer   Jonna Monsell [email protected]  
Athletic Attendance   Mindy Gensimore [email protected] (814) 422-2003
Athletic Facilities   Amy Niewinski [email protected] (814) 422-2000
Athletic Eligibility   Tammy Glasgow [email protected] (814) 422-2003
Baseball Varsity Rich Sweitzer [email protected]  
Baseball  Varsity Assistant Scott Webster    
Baseball JV Ryan Sweitzer [email protected]  
Basketball Girls Varsity Terrance Green [email protected]  
Basketball Girls JV Garrett Milner [email protected]  
Basketball Girls Junior High Kurt Troxell [email protected]  
Basketball Girls Junior High Mackenzie Ironside [email protected]  
Basketball Boys Varsity Rob Irwin [email protected]  
Basketball  Boys JV Mike Durn [email protected]  
Basketball Boys Junior High
Fred Ironside
[email protected]  
Basketball Boys Junior High  Shawn Robb [email protected]  
Cheerleading Varsity Megan Henry [email protected]  
Cheerleading Varsity Assistant Crystal Bierly-Kurtz [email protected]  
Cross Country Girls Varsity Lynda Federinko [email protected]  
Cross Country Boys Varsity      
Football Varsity Martin Tobias [email protected]  
Football Varsity Assistant Kurt Troxell [email protected]  
Football Varsity Assistant Rob Irwin [email protected]  
Football  Varsity Assistant Matt Myers [email protected]  
Football  Junior High Evan Heiser [email protected]  
Football Junior High Troy Kauffman [email protected]  
Football Junior High Brian Heiser [email protected]  
Football Junior High Brian Randolph [email protected]  
Golf Varsity Girls and Boys Chris Dobson [email protected]  
Soccer Girls Varsity Andrew Beverly [email protected]  
Soccer Girls JV Autumn Rosenberg [email protected]  
Soccer Girls Junior High Meredith Nold [email protected]  
Soccer Boys Varsity Ken Gore [email protected]  
Soccer Boys JV Brian Markle [email protected]  
Soccer Boys Junior High Sean Herrmann [email protected]  
Softball Varsity Terry Bumgardner [email protected]  
Softball Varsity Assistant Josh O'Brien [email protected]  
Softball Junior High Jaron Cunrod [email protected]  
Swimming Varsity Volunteer Stephanie Delaney [email protected]  
Track and Field Varsity Girls & Boys Garrett Milner [email protected]  
Track and Field Varsity Assistant JD Kubalak [email protected]  
Track and Field Varsity Assistant Kelly Donaldson [email protected]  
Track and Field  Varsity Assistant Sean Herrmann [email protected]  
Track and Field  Junior High Leanne Zuech [email protected]  
Track and Field Junior High Ellee Harpster [email protected]  
Volleyball Girls Varsity      
Volleyball Girls JV      
Volleyball Girls Junior High      
Volleyball Girls Junior High      
Wrestling Varsity Joel Brinker [email protected]  
Wrestling Varsity Assistant Mike Wise [email protected]  
Wrestling  Junior High Wayne Yearick [email protected]  
Wrestling Junior High Colby Stover [email protected]